Learning - Helping - Celebrating

Rotaract Zurich International is the first English speaking Rotaract club in Zurich and aims to bring together likeminded people with different backgrounds, from different professions and between the age of 18 to 30. Rotaract Zurich International is part of the global Rotaract Network which has more than 250’000 members worldwide.

The 3 pillars build the core of our activities: Learning, Helping and Celebrating. Thus, we organize workshops and invite keynote speakers to our events to learn from them. Moreover, we participate and organize social projects in order to help the local communities throughout the year. Also, we like to celebrate internationally at invitation-based events organized several times a year at different locations around Europe, engaging in cultural and idea exchanges with more than 500 colleagues from other countries :).

Although we speak more than 20 languages and dialects in our club, the official language is English and all of our events will be organized in English in order to accommodate our members and guests who do not speak the local language yet.

We are open to interested new members at the moment and look forward to hearing from you.